VietVision provides the following services:

+ Professional translation and interpretation services (for workshops, conferences, study tours, video conferences etc.) especially in the fields of audit, vocational training, economics, poverty reduction, natural resource management, labor market, human rights, etc.: experiences for more than 15 years.

- German - Vietnamese (also simultanous interpretation in booth for international conferences); Experiences in interpretations for high-ranking delegations (meeting the Chairman of the National Assembly, the Deputy Prime Minister, Prime Minister, President of INTOSAI, several State Secretaries etc.), governmental negotiations between Vietnam and Germany etc.

- Vietnamese - German

- English - Vietnamese (especially simultanous interpretation in booth for international conferences), annual Human Rights dialogue between Switzerland and Vietnam since 2006, more than 30 study tours abroad and hundreds of workshops throughout Vietnam.

- Vietnamese - English

- German - English

- English - German

- French - Vietnamese

- Vietnamese - French

+ Working out terminologies

+ Proof reading documents, letters etc.

+ Searching information in German, English, French and Vietnamese on the internet

+ We work as independent fixer for journalists coming to Vietnam (several times for DER SPIEGEL)

+ For simultaneous interpretation we hire out equipments.

Complete solutions for simultaneous interpretation (with equipments, simultaneous interpreters and technician for technical support).

+ Printing services: We provide complete solution for books, magazines, brochures etc. from translation, proofreading, layout, getting publishing licences, printing, book binding, transportation to customer's location.

+ etc.

Translations can be made with documents either in hard copies or soft copies. Hard copies can be received via fax machine or if too many pages via post (if out of Hanoi or from other countries). Documents can be translated from files in Word, CorelDraw, PowerPoint (presentation), Excel, PageMaker, AcrobatReader (pdf files), QuarkXpress. Also translations of html files (for websites) can be done.

We can convert your documents of different formats into pdf files. We are also able to convert all your pdf files in Word and other formats at your request.

Translations can be provided in the original files with above-mentioned formats or in pdf files. Translations into Vietnamese are written in Unicode, so that they can be displayed correctly without installation of additional Vietnamese fonts. The same for html files, so that web sites are displayed correctly without additional Vietnamese fonts.

Please take note that services for customers abroad can only be provided with advanced payments (bank account). Numerous organizations took our services on that way.

If your organization/company is interested in our professional services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to contributing to your success..